QuickBooks Integration and Programming

QuickBooks is the accounting software of choice for most small to mid-sized business. While this off-the-shelf package offers users an excellent experience, what do you do when you want to extend the functionality of QuickBooks? Tailored Software's QuickBooks programmers can offer you a solution: custom integration.

Custom integration allows other software systems to communicate with QuickBooks, i.e., pass data to and from QuickBooks.  Using our proprietary QuickBooks integration software and comprehensive knowledge of the QuickBooks Software Development Kit (SDK) our team can quickly and effectively build tailored QuickBooks integration solutions.


Our Solutions Have Provided the Following Functionality:

  • Create custom reports, charts and graphs from QuickBooks data
  • Automatically create Invoices and Bills in QuickBooks from custom software
  • Create QuickBooks Time Sheets from custom software
  • Add and update Customer information
  • Add and update Employee information


Recent QuickBooks Integration Projects

  • Merchant to Quickbooks (M2QB)

    Download internet sales records from your preferred merchant, review all transactions and their details, then generate QuickBooks invoices with a single button click.

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