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Get the Most Out of Microsoft Access for Your Business

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Microsoft Access is an intuitive and useful program.  Find out how you can utilize VBA to accomplish even more!  Microsoft Access is an extremely useful tool for many businesses, small and large.  While using the basic program allows you to create and utilize databases for tables, forms, reports and other similar projects, there is even more you can accomplish using this intuitive program.  There are a number of built-in tools for Access that can allow you to actions (macros) that are customized for your particular needs.  However, eventually even these built-in tools may not allow you to program a database or action that accomplishes what your business really needs.  By working with Tailored Software, we can help you expand the usefulness of Access and maximize what you can accomplish within the Access framework.  What Can VBA Code Accomplish Within Access?

  • Automate Built-in Functions – Instead of using a complicated expression each time you access multiple functions (such as calculating compound interest), you could write a VBA code that will do this for you—essentially customizing Access to work for you.
  • Create Objects – This can be used to modify the design of a project that you will export to another program.
  • System-Level Actions – Using VBA Code, you can set up Access to pull data and automate tasks using other Windows programs.
  • Record Manipulation – Macros work with full sets of records; using VBA code you could work with records one at a time or in customized groups.

Making Microsoft Access Work for You

Microsoft Access development is quick, powerful, and affordable! Tailored Software has expert Access programmers on staff with many years of experience building custom database solutions. Our business solutions have well-designed user interfaces and use the power of SQL Server to do the heavy lifting.

While some of these tasks may seem a bit complicated, it's easy for the experts at Tailored Software.  Instead of struggling with your Microsoft Access software not working as you need it to, our team can come up with a custom application that will meet your exact needs.  Say goodbye to coming up with workarounds or just making do.  This will give you more time to devote to your work that matters--instead of constantly fiddling with your Access databases. 

Using VBA code, it is possible to completely customize your Microsoft Access environment and make it run smoothly and simply.  If you’re ready for a smoother, faster workflow for your business, why not contact us at Tailored Software?  We will work with you and create an Access solution that will allow you to get the most out of Microsoft Access database.  Call or contact us for a free consultation and we can get started as soon as possible.

The Microsoft Access databases we have developed range from smaller single-user systems to larger run-the-business applications. We are also experts at integrating our solutions with a number of other familiar software packages including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, QuickBooks, and Peachtree.

Featured Microsoft Access Projects

  • Election Staffing

    We have shaved countless hours off of the election staffing and management process and our client can now access worker history and election reports at the click of a button.

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  • FMLA Tracking

    One of the largest employers (10,000+ employees) in the upstate of South Carolina is now able to manage their employee FMLA leaves with much more efficiency.

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"Tailored Software went beyond all expectations in helping us set up an Access database, migrate data from our legacy system, and train our team.  Tailored Software is knowledgeable and efficient!  We would recommend them for your database needs."

-Joanna Neubert