Ista Tees - What's Your Ista?

  • Based in Greer, South Carolina, Ista Tees sells high quality t-shirts that depict a passion or hobby of the people wearing them.  Ista Tees was founded by Marlee Calloway and Amy Knapp, best friends since they met at Clemson University.

    ISTA:  A suffix used to denote a person (militant) who practices something, or is passionate about a cause, principle, doctrine, mission, or hobby.

    Go to and get your Ista on!  Choose a t-shirt that tells what you are passionate about.

    "Tailored Software took the time to listen to us about what we wanted for our website.  They were patient with us when we did not have the right vocabulary to ask the questions we had in our minds.  We are so grateful for all that the Tailored Software team did for us!"

    Amy Knapp