FMLA Tracking

  • Problem
    The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), a law that protects employees who take medical leave, has created a paperwork nightmare for organizations across the United States.  Employers are required to communicate specific pieces of information to employees at specific times during the employee's leave.

    Tailored Software developed a solution using Microsoft Access and SQL Server that streamlines the employee leave tracking and communication process.  Employee and time summary data are imported into the FMLA Tracking tool from Kronos, a time and attendance software, and Lawson, an ERP system, during an automated nightly routine to ensure current employee data.  The FMLA Tracking system uses that imported information to generate and send the appropriate emails to supervisors and letters to employees as the 'leave' progresses from pending to approved to closed.  All communications are logged in history and are searchable.  Tailored Software also created a number of exception and audit reports using Microsoft Access.  There is also an 'Analysis' section for managers to generate leave counts based on leave type, date range, and other criteria.

    One of the largest employers (10,000+ employees) in the upstate of South Carolina is now able to manage their employee FMLA leaves with one full time and one part time employee.