Election Staffing

  • Problem
    Finding workers to staff an election is a complex process! Our client for this project was using an old card catalog and dozens of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to track worker history, training, assignments, and post election payment information. Hundreds of man hours were spent generating a hand full of reports in Microsoft Excel for each election.

    Tailored Software built a custom Microsoft Access database that allows the client to track worker history, create and staff elections, print a number of pre and post election reports, and export data to Microsoft Excel. We also wrote a custom routine using VBA to import records from the client's legacy system (Excel) to initially populate the database.

    We have shaved countless hours off of the election staffing and management process and our client can now access worker history and election reports at the click of a button.

    "Tailored Software went beyond all expectations in helping us set up an Access database, migrate data from our legacy system, and train our team. Tailored Software is knowledgeable and efficient! We would recommend them for your database needs."

    "Thank you again for all of the work you have done to make this job so much easier and more organized."

    -Joanna Neubert