About Tailored Software

What Makes Tailored Software Unique?

Not all software is “One Size Fits All”. Tailored Software provides custom software and database solutions that target our clients' specific needs.

From streamlining complicated manufacturing processes to report writing and data analysis, our specialty is in reducing the costs and time associated with managing and manipulating data.

Ben Davis, President & CEO

Ben Davis, owner of Tailored Software, has developed custom database applications using MS Access and SQL Server for his clients for nearly ten years. His niche is working with his clients to define their needs, developing a "perfect fit" solution from the ground up, then training and supporting the end user. And his customers keep coming back again and again.

"Tailored Software's mission is to provide custom software and website solutions in a cost effective way.  I manage my firm with dedication and work diligently to make sure we execute our mission to the best of our ability."

"Tailored Software is a great match for businesses of any size.  We come along side our clients as a professional software development resource they may not have available to them internally.  Our areas of expertise are MS Access, SQL Server, and .NET programming.  We are available for short term onsite and remote projects throughout the south, but primarily focus on firms in the Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson region. Clients from more distant locations can work with us via WebMeetings and Teleconferences."

"All of our custom programming and software design is done with trusted local developers. We never use any devlopers or consultants outside of the United States."